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Surgical Artistry is run by Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee.  Located in Modesto, California, we offer services in Plastic Surgery, Botox, Acupuncture, and Veins (facial veins and leg veins)

Surgical Artistry
Plastic Surgery in Modesto


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12/24/20 We are open today on Christmas Eve 12/24/20.  New post: Lip Filler Experience with Modesto's Dr. Calvin Lee

9/14/20 What syringes I use for lips fillers and why - a brief overview of my lip filler selection thoughts by Calvin Lee, MD

6/21/20 Wrote a new web page: Latisse Notes

4/6/20 Created our Surgical Artistry online Skinmedica store

Thank you to the ~600 people
who came to our open house in 2019, 168 people
who came to our Ultherapy Launch event and
52 people who came to our Cellfina Launch Party 9/26/19.

Dr. Calvin Lee injected 1200 U of Botox & 25 syringes of Juvederm for Botox Day 11/20/19.

Dr. Calvin Lee injected 27 syringes of filler on Radiesse Hyperdilute Day
January 2020 (1/22/20) with about 60 people coming.

We have the new Obagi Elastiderm Facial Serum! 2/15/20

picture above is from our open house in 2019 where 600 people came.

Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck,
Botox, Kybella, Acupuncture, Obagi, Threadlifting, Intense Pulsed Light
Running Compression socks.

(209) 551-1888

4754 Dale Road

Modesto, CA 95356

Across from Kaiser Hospital
We moved March 22, 2019

Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri


News 11/1/19: we got the triple award 6th year in a row! Thank you for voting!
We are honored!


Tammy Wu, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck


 Calvin Lee, MD
General Surgeon and Acupuncturist
Botox, Juvéderm, Kybella, Threadlifting


our aesthetician and Ultherapy Specialist:

Nikki Chiverrell, LE, MA


Surgical Artistry is run by Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee.  Located in Modesto, California, we offer services in Plastic Surgery, Botox, Acupuncture, and Veins (facial veins and leg veins)

Thumbnail image of Dr. Tammy Wu, MD  Modesto Plastic SurgeryThumbnail of Dr. Calvin Lee, MD - Specializes in Acupuncture, Veins, and Cosmetic injections at Surgical Artistry, Inc - Modesto Plastic Surgery


About Dr. Tammy Wu,
Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tammy Wu, a board certified plastic surgeon, graduated top of her Ivy League Medical School, Brown University, and trained in plastic surgery with Dr. Elvin Zook's Plastic Surgery program at Southern Illinois University.  She scored 99th percentile in the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation In-Service exam in the years 2001, 2002, and 2003 during her plastic surgery training.  Dr. Tammy Wu received her MD degree in 1997 and specializes in breast augmentation, tummy tuck, body contouring, "mommy makeover", and other plastic surgical procedures. 

Dr. Tammy Wu, Founder & CEO of Surgical Artistry, is a full time plastic surgeon.  She has operating privileges at hospitals in Modesto, Manteca, and Oakdale, California.  She operates and sees patients Monday-Friday.  Her husband, Dr. Calvin Lee, joined after her initial creation of a medical company bearing her name Tzuying Tammy Wu, MD inc, and together, they changed the name to "Surgical Artistry".  During evenings and weekends, Dr. Tammy Wu works as a vice principal for a new K-12 school in Sacramento.  Visit her recently written plastic surgery web pages on breast augmentation options and tummy tuck options.


About Dr. Calvin Lee,
General Surgeon

Dr. Calvin Lee is a board certified general surgeon specializing in Botox, dermal fillers and acupuncture.  Both surgeons at Surgical Artistry are graduates of Brown University Medical School.  Dr. Lee, originally from New York City, was accepted to Stanford University and Harvard University.  He practiced broad based general surgery that included trauma at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto until 2006. 

As a violinist, he performed at Carnegie Hall twice.  He is currently teaching himself piano and won a piano competition for piano teachers in Beverly Hills and as a result performed with orchestra in Los Angeles in 2015.  He has lectured for Allergan (makers of Botox, Latisse, Kybella and Juvederm) and he has become an author of MedicalSpaMD, a resource for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians.  In July, 2015, he was the first surgeon in central valley to be chosen to be certified and to inject Kybella for double chin.

Our goal is to care for you the way we would want to be cared for ourselves

Our goal is to care for our patients the same way
we would want to be treated ourselves.


About Surgical Artistry

We are a husband-wife surgical team and we can take care of you together.  We chose Modesto, CA to become extremely busy surgeons.  High volume, we believe, is one of the keys to practicing surgery at its highest technical level.  We do surgery and talk about it all day long.  We love Modesto.  We are founders of the Gallo Center for the Arts, founding title sponsors for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Symphony Pops Series / Surgical Artistry Modesto Symphony Fat Cat Classics 2006-2009, and founding title sponsors for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon. 

Since 2010, due to the cosmetic nature of our practice, Surgical Artistry does not accept medical insurances for any of the services provided by Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee.

And of course, we are founders of Surgical Artistry in Modesto, CA.  Welcome to our home-made web page which was originally created in 1999.  We try to update it when we find some free time between plastic surgery and acupuncture related activities.


Dr. Tammy Wu Plastic Surgery Services include:

We have many plastic surgery before and after pictures available for private viewing at our office.  You can call us to make an arrangement to see them.  For the privacy of our patients, we prefer to keep the photos offline.

Dr. Calvin Lee Services include:


Surgical Artistry CONTACT INFO:

Surgical Artistry: Dr. Tammy Wu & Dr. Calvin Lee
4754 Dale Road, Modesto, CA 95356 (we moved!)

Across from Kaiser Hospital


(209) 551-1888

call us for fax number


Plastic Surgery office HOURS:
(Acupuncture, Botox, Kybella, too)

8am-5:00pm Monday - Friday

Click link for our traditional Modesto Plastic Surgery office holidays



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Respecting our patients' privacy, we do not have displayed on the internet before and after plastic surgery pictures.  Many patients have agreed to share their before and after pictures within our office - come by to take a look!  (209) 551-1888.  No appointment needed, but a call might save you some time if several people want to look at the same before and after book of plastic surgery photos.




Medical Societies, Education and Professorships for Dr. Lee and/or Dr. Wu
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American Board of Surgery - Dr. Lee (Board Certified General Surgeon)  Cooperation of American Physicians (Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu) Brown University (Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu - Dr. Wu graduated #1 in the medical school)  Case Western Reserve University (Dr. Lee for General Surgery and Trauma)  Stanford University (Dr. Lee for Acupuncture)  Touro University (Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are volunteer professors)

American Society of Plastic Surgery (Dr. Wu) California Medical Association (Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu)  Southern Illinois University (Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu for General Surgery and Plastic Surgery respectively)  UC Davis (Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are associate professors)
Dr. Tammy Wu is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
and she is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgeons
Dr. Calvin Lee is certified by the American Board of Surgery



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Our favorite and most popular is the "Personal" FaceBook page.

  • Our "Personal" FaceBook - Everyone is welcome!  "Add us" for some of the more exclusive (but fun) discussions.  But you will see pictures of cats, piano playing, marathon attempts, teaching biology, cooking, being vegan, plants, and our attempts at our own healthy living / self-improvement.  And there will be chats on plastic surgery, Botox, and acupuncture.  These topics are our lives.  1804 friends as of 4/20/14.

  • Our "Business" Plastic Surgery FaceBook - somewhat boring, but it's popular, we had some giveaway contests on here before.  We'll talk about Surgical Artistry, Obagi, Lasers, skin care, plastic surgery, Botox, veins, and acupuncture.  Historically people had a hard time finding our plastic surgery FaceBook through a Google search (because there is a generic one created automatically on FaceBook which won't go away, but shows up first in the search), but this is it. 1622 likes as of 4/20/14.

  • Dr. Lee's Botox FaceBook - not popular, there's only about 30 people on this page.  Regarding the lack of popularity, it's the page, not the doctor.  But feel free to "like" this page too so Dr. Lee doesn't seem so isolated.  I (Dr. Calvin Lee) currently don't update this page as much. This page has been kept a secret (until now).



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Surgical Artistry located at
4754 Dale Road, Modesto, CA 95356 (we moved!)

(across from Kaiser Hospital)

Phone: 209-551-1888.